The Moshav Country Fair Chol Ha'Moed Pesach 5782

The Moshav Country Fair

Chol Ha'Moed Pesach 5782

Wednesday. April 20th 2022

Chol ha Mo'ed Pesach! 5782

Gates Open at 12 Music Starts At 13:00 til 21:00

Gates Open at 12

Music Starts At 13:00 til 21:00

70 nis Adults, 50 nis Kids, Family Discounts Available

70 nis Adults, 50 nis Kids

Family Discounts Available


Main stage!

13:oo Yerachmiel and Ruach HaKodesh

14:oo Dvir Spiegel

15:oo Chaim Dovid Saracik

16:oo The Solomon Brothers

17:oo Bini Landau

18:oo Nuriel

19:oo Yehudaי Katz V’hamaagal

20:oo Lazer Lloyd


Women Tent:

12.00 Rachael Rosenbaum – the singing harpist

13.00 Jenna Zadaka -Miriam’s tambourine Mandala flow yoga

14.00 H A L L E L

14.30 Aviva’s circledance jam

15.00 Michal Shababo in Concert

15.30 Open Mic

16.15 Elana Brody in Concert

17.00 Chava Rachel Sabam & daughters in Concert

17.30 Tziona Achisheyna in Concert.


Creative Workshops, All through the day:
* Crowns and garlands made from recycled material
* Instruments made from recycled material
* Soap bubbles station
12.00 Debbie Neuman’s Singing Circle
13.00 Malki’s Magic Parachute
13.30 Tamara’s puppet show: Rabbi Nachman’s-The lost princess
14.15 Erez drumming jour-ney through our planet
15.15 Josh Phaff the juggler Magician
16.45 children parade
17.15 Eretz Drumcircle
17.45 Magic Parachute
18.15 Debby Neuman’s Lullaby

Artisans and Healing Shuk Moshav Style

AMAZING Handmade goods for that special gift, who is getting married this year? Alternative practitioners are available for you to explore a new way of caring for ourselves and our families and find Natural Body Care Products for a new kind of medicine cabinet!

  • *Yes, there is Kosher for Pessach food!
  • No Dogs 
  • No Alcohol 
  • No bad vibes
  • No Atm in the Moshav
  • Do bring a picnic blanket
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Children 0 to 2 free
  • 3 to 17 children’s price
  • Soldiers with ID pay 50nis